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Tyler Mcallister free essay sample

In the last few years he has been in and out of more allergy doctor offices than he can count. Not to mention the fact that he has nightmares ever since his father died. If that werent enough, his mother and brother are both successful movie stars who are often off on location for long periods of time. The last thing he wanted was to go to a forbidden quarry and find a dead body. But that is exactly what happens to him while there with his friend Lymie. This is just the beginning of bad luck for a boy named Tyler McAllister. Tyler McAllister is very skinny and weak. Mostly because he is a vegetarian.He has a very rebellious nature. This could possibly be caused by not having his mom and brother there as much as he wants. It’s very strange that he rebels because he dislikes trouble. We will write a custom essay sample on Tyler Mcallister or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page But he does in fact like solving mysteries. Believing in justice is one reason that Tyler likes solving mysteries. If you try to go against the law you must be punished for it. Another reason is when he starts at something he must finish it. Through almost the entire story Tyler is solving little mysteries that lead up to solving the biggest mystery of all. Who killed the janitor Bobby?For a kid who doesn’t like trouble, lately he has been getting in it a lot. He’s discovered places that he probably should not have been in. Like the forbidden quarry where he found the janitor’s body. He even got sent to the principal’s office for talking back to the teacher after falling asleep in class. Tyler McAllister is a skinny, rebellious, mystery solving guy. Who doesn’t take no for an answer. His personality helps him solve the mystery of Bobby’s death. Then at the end of The Trouble with Lemons Tyler McAllister finally gets the birthday he wants. By: Tori Bakeman

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Race Race appears very "natural" because it is normal to want to classify certainpeople into different groups to make it easier for us to understand. However, our skincolor was the reason that protected us from the environment. So basically, we are all thesame and we should not be put into certain categories of race just because we all camefrom different climates which affected our skin color. Our bodies just had to adapt to thesun's rays so therefore it is not natural to have different races.For example, most individuals are not white or black but brown .There is noracial category for being brown which is quite ironic if most people are brown. When youfill out an application you check off Hispanic, African American, or Caucasian. There is nomixed category on that application like African American and Caucasian.Furthermore, "brown skinned ancestors may have been shared by modern dayblacks and whites as recently as 10,000 years ago.Dennis Kearney (1847-1907), Irish-American politic...It is so infamous due to the fact that it was the first bill that discriminated against any one particular race. Restrictions on immigration may seem to have been eradicated from current history but that is an oversight. Even in the 'politically correct' society we live in today allows for these discrepancies, for in the Immigration Act of 1990 which brought up controls for immigration.Behind all these legal documents there are reasons that spurred these causes. Certain prejudices against certain races or religion. The prejudices were not always a color issue as the current immigration problems are. In the beginning it was primarily Europeans. In particular the Irish and German were thought of negatively. The percentage of the Irish in the Mid-Atlantic went from 45.9% in 1870 to 48.5 in 1930. Germans in 1870 went from 31.4% to 35.6% in...

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Theoretical Yield Worked Example Problem

Theoretical Yield Worked Example Problem This example problem demonstrates how to calculate the amount of reactant needed to produce a product. Problem Aspirin is prepared from the reaction of salicylic acid (C7H6O3) and acetic anhydride (C4H6O3) to produce aspirin (C9H8O4) and acetic acid (HC2H3O2). The formula for this reaction is:C7H6O3 C4H6O3 → C9H8O4 HC2H3O2.How many grams of salicylic acid are needed to make 1000 1-gram tablets of aspirin? (Assume 100% yield) Solution Step 1 - Find molar mass of aspirin and salicylic acidFrom the periodic table:Molar Mass of C 12 gramsMolar Mass of H 1 gramsMolar Mass of O 16 gramsMMaspirin (9 x 12 grams) (8 x 1 grams) (4 x 16 grams)MMaspirin 108 grams 8 grams 64 gramsMMaspirin 180 gramsMMsal (7 x 12 grams) (6 x 1 grams) (3 x 16 grams)MMsal 84 grams 6 grams 48 gramsMMsal 138 gramsStep 2 - Find mole ratio between aspirin and salicylic acidFor every mole of aspirin produced, 1 mole of salicylic acid was needed. Therefore the mole ratio between the two is one.Step 3 - Find grams of salicylic acid neededThe path to solving this problem starts with the number of tablets. Combining this with the number of grams per tablet will give the number of grams of aspirin. Using the molar mass of aspirin, you get the number of moles of aspirin produced. Use this number and the mole ratio to find the number of moles of salicylic acid needed. Use the molar mass of salicylic acid to find the grams needed. Putting all this together:grams salicylic acid 1000 tablets x 1 g aspirin/1 tablet x 1 mol aspirin/180 g of aspirin x 1 mol sal/1 mol aspirin x 138 g of sal/1 mol salgrams salicylic acid 766.67Â   Answer 766.67 grams of salicylic acid are needed to produce 1000 1-gram aspirin tablets.

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Improving analyse based on feedback for marketing Essay

Improving analyse based on feedback for marketing - Essay Example The company selected for this study is the Cullin Innovation Pvt Ltd which is a successful company engaged in the manufacture of mineral water. The company is based in Queensland, Australia. â€Å"Cullin Innovation Pty Ltd was formed to create, develop and commercialise new and innovative products that will enhance the potential for an ecologically sustainable future. Cullin Innovation Pty Ltd is driven by a strong environmental and social ethic.† (Company profile, 2009, para.2). Involvement, partnership and deliberate alliances are main factors that support Cullin Innovation’s research and advancement and manufacturing plan capability. This construction facilitates a huge group of possessions and knowledge to be readily available across an extensive array of disciplines. This has helped create elasticity, reduce overheads and decreasing the response time to get together with the dynamic markets. The development and prospects that Cullin Innovation Pty Ltd enjoys is a proven guarantee by the Managing Director Peter Cullin’s confidence and the insights for the development of the product and to make the business a success. Marketing is a commercial activity that recognizes needs of the customer and requirements of the business. Thus, it needs to decide on the kind of target markets which are likely to serve the company’s avenue for selling its products. Advertising is the core of marketing and its purpose is to primarily introduce a product in the market and secondarily to create affinity about the product in the minds of the customers. Marketing is a significant activity in the organization and the management conducts an analysis on various trends that prevail within the sector. Marketing of the product identifies the mission of the company and how the statement is formulated and how it can contribute for the success of the product. Marketing strategies also envisage future prospects of the company. The Marketing activities support the mission,

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Smoking-Legal Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Smoking-Legal Studies - Essay Example view of the statement above outline, briefly, the current legislation relating to the smoke free environment in England and consider whether it is effective and in line with an individual’s human rights. Government plans to tackle the issue of smoking and to try to encourage people to quit led to the introduction in July 2007 of 6 relevant pieces of legislation aimed at businesses and public places1. The Health Act 2006 gives a definitive list of all those places that are covered by the No Smoking Ban and describes in detail the definition of public places so as to give clarity to all persons that the Act applies to. Penalties for anyone in breach of the new regulation are in the form of fixed penalties notices. Payment of the fixed penalty will mean that the person issued with the notice can avoid having the conviction entered against them. If the person refuses to pay or tries to prevent the officer from carrying out his duties then a summary conviction will follow2. Where an individual is caught smoking in a smoke-free place they could receive a fixed penalty notice for  £50 or a fine of up to  £200 and a summary conviction. The ban on smoking applies not only to public places but also to vehicles that are used for business uses such as company cars, taxis or business vehicles including delivery vans3. Although the level of compliance is high many still feel that this is an infringement of their human rights and that the government are wrong to enforce the ban on people4. Data published by the Department of Health in August 2007 after inspections had been carried out around the UK revealed that 97% of those inspected were smoke free within 2 weeks of the legislation coming into force5. In a report published by the NHS in November 2007 they report 98% compliance and 75% of adults supporting the ban6. The Minister of State for Health, Dawn Primarolo had predicted that the level of compliance would be high based on similar results when the ban was enforced in

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Buy Anyzone Gold Today Essay Example for Free

Buy Anyzone Gold Today Essay Natural cleaning, Healthy living Air, water, residual agricultural chemicals (pesticides/herbicides) and unpleasant odours (food, bathroom, refrigerator, cigarette smoke and turbid indoor air odours all contribute to our daily toxic load. Most of the solutions developed by industry for ridding ourselves of these pollutants contain additional chemicals, which increase our exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. How Anyzone Gold helps: It’s for the whole family †¢ Disposes harmful bacteria in meat and fish †¢ Removes chemical residue, larva  and pesticides  from vegetables and fruits †¢ Gets rid of unpleasant odor from food Improves skin metabolism and reduces allergy †¢ Removes washing detergent residues and bacteria from household items and utensils †¢ Preserves freshness in food Sterilization and disinfection Germs such as E. coli, colon bacillus, Salmonella, vibrio staphylococcus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa are sterilized and disinfected by strong oxidation reaction. â€Å"Disinfects without using chemical washing or boiling. † Deodorization and air purification Effective in deodorizing refrigerator odours, food odours, indoor odours, bathroom odours and many more. Indoor air, cigarette odours and unpleasant odours are eliminated and turned into refreshing natural air. Air purification cigarette smoke test sight Before use 10 second 20 seconds Pillow Meat, fish, vegetable and fruits Residual agricultural chemical and harmful elements are decomposed through oxidation. Revives freshness and improves flavour. â€Å"Not a single tested pesticide has ever been proven safe. † Professor Dennis Parke, former Chairman of WHO Joint Meeting’s statement on pesticide residues. What is anion and ozone? Anions are electrons with negative electricity, also known as â€Å"vitamins in the air†. Oxygen anions have the capability to eliminate dust, germs and cigarette odours through purification. It is odorless, tasteless and invisible; we could only inhale it in abundance near waterfalls, mountains and oceans. It also helps in maximizing our brain activity. Ozone is composed of 3 oxygen atoms and has a distinctive and peculiar fish-like odour. It is a light blue gas and has strong oxidizing power, used for sterilizing beverages. It decomposes and destroys residual agricultural chemicals on vegetables and fruits through oxidization. It is also used for sterilization of kitchen and baby goods by filtering out harmful components, biological beings and foreign substances. Ozonated water is safe and effective for: †¢ Bathing pets †¢ Regenerating and removing bacteria and parasites form plants. Just water them and/or spray their leaves †¢ Cleaning fish tanks. Drop your ozone nozzle in the water and watch your tank clean itself! Fish are invigorated by ozone water †¢ Eliminating bacteria on kitchen surfaces †¢ Washing hair. Ozone water protects damaged hair, restoring its colour and manageability; PLUS, it is a great treatment for dandruff! Effective treatment for skin problems, including acne, rashes, eczema †¢ Sinus problems †¢ Leucorrhoea, vaginal thrush. Use the water as a douche. †¢ You can set the Anyzone to run while sleeping giving you that mountain/seaside fresh air in your room. Ozonated air is environmentally safe for: †¢ Disinfecting and â€Å"debugging† closets, and cupboards. †¢ Freshening, deodorizing and disinfecting bedding, linens, and clothing. Place linens in plastic bags with ozone nozzle for just a few minutes. It’s so simple! Company Profile †¦ Global Healthy Link Sdn Bhd with its main office in Petaling Jaya is currently actively involved in the distribution of Ozone/ Anion sterilization equipment, health-related products and water filtration system for both household and commercial use. One of our goals is to exceed the expectations of every customer we come in contact with by offering outstanding customer service, value-added functionalities and operational efficiency. GHLSB strives to provide environmental-friendly, safe, durable and reliable products to its valued customers and will not compromise on product and service quality. Our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our customers receive the most effective and professional product recommendation and services. We pride ourselves on our proven track record of having hundreds of satisfied customers since the company started operation in 2004. Functions and Effectiveness of Anyzone Gold Anion Ozone Sterilizer Summary †¢ Removes chemical residue and pesticides on vegetables and fruits †¢ Disposes harmful bacteria in meat and fish †¢ Get rids of unpleasant odor from food Expunges parasites and larva on vegetables and fruits †¢ Ozonated water improves skin metabolism and reduces allergy †¢ Removes washing detergent residues and bacteria from household items and utensils †¢ Preserves freshness in food Sterilization †¢ Food – food are exposed to pathogens (illness causing bacteria) and harmful chemicals during the growing per iod and handling †¢ Kitchen sponges and rags – effective as a germicide/ fungicide to destroy germs, molds, bacteria and any microbes. Does not produce chemical residues during cleaning as in other cleaning agents †¢ Utensils and dishes – Salmonella, E. Coli and many pathogens can cause food poisoning, if not properly cleaned. Thus soaking the utensils and dishes in ozonated water can rid these pathogens. †¢ Pets accessories – Bacteria is common in the stool of pets, thus washing the accessories can rid these bacteria †¢ Children toys – If not cleaned and sterilized properly, can lead to illness and infections †¢ Baby’s Utensils – Babies are sensitive to illness, tooth decay and diarrhea if utensils are not properly cleaned especially bottle nipples and pacifiers. Soaking in ozonated water will help destroy bacteria †¢ Medical instruments – Economical way to sterilize equipment Purification †¢ Drinking water – 90% bottled water uses ozone for purification. The taste of Ozonated water is improved. †¢ Fish tanks/ aquariums Ozone can destroy algae and bacteria in fish tank with no harmful effect on the fish. Within 20 minutes, ozone will change back to oxygen, due to the instability of the 3rd oxygen, thus increasing the level of dissolved oxygen, keeping the water clearer and the fish healthier. Work as fridge purifier (reduces fodd spoiling and illnesss) – Ozone destroys food spoiling bacteria and mircroorganisms and organic chemicals, maintaining the freshness of meat and vegetables. †¢ Hot tub, spa and bath water – Ozone is far cheaper than chlorine at destroying bacteria and microorganisms without any adverse effect on sensitive skin †¢ Air purifier – Ozone destroy impurities in th e air such as bacteria, molds, smoke etc. It also reduces dust and other particles because of the negative ions produced as a by product.

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MacBeths Ambition :: essays research papers

The thematic importance of ambition is revealed throughout MacBeth in a manner that is not always instantly visually evident to a conscientious reader. Although it is responsible for MacBeth’s rise to power, his â€Å"vaulting ambition† is also to blame for MacBeth’s tragic downfall. MacBeth would not have been able to achieve his power as King of Scotland, or have been able to carry out his evil deeds, if it was not for his ambition. In these instances, ambition helped MacBeth achieve his goals to a certain subdued degree. Consequently, however, MacBeth's ambition has another face and is what leads him to his disastrous fall from grace. Had he not been fixated with becoming King and remaining powerful, he would not have continued to kill innocent people in order to keep his position. In due course, MacBeth’s removal from power is attributable to these killings, along with his over bearing attitude. MacBeth, at the beginning of the play, seems to be an exceptionally noble person. He is characterized as being vastly loyal and honorable. He courageously and victoriously fights a battle for his country and this establishes a strong sense of his loyalty. MacBeth is later appointed Thane of Cawdor, which, once more, proves that he is honorable in the eyes of royalty. However, the instant the witches spark ambition in him, using their prophecies, he is no longer trustworthy because his mind fills with evil and deceit. Even before he reaches his home, thoughts of murder creep into his head and he is overcome with the desire to be powerful. In the following quotation, MacBeth admits, metaphorically, that it is only his ambition that prompts him. â€Å"I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself and falls on the other† (I, 7, 25 ff). At this point in the play, Macbeth's unruly ambition begins to become apparent. A seed of evil has bloomed into a flower of defiance and MacBeth has reached a point of no return. MacBeth becomes bloodthirsty and power stricken, forcing him further and further into a web of ambition from which he is unable to detach.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  MacBeth's ambition is the fuel that ignites his fire to become fierce and eventually gather the nerve to kill Duncan. This murder is performed in the dark of night and by MacBeth's own blood-spattered hands. At this point, MacBeth makes a subconscious decision to construct his future on his own by overcoming any further obstacles that may fall in his way.